Tower Leasing

P&D Antenna Service, Inc. provides Build-To-Suit tower services. We offer clients the option of either developing the site as a P&D owned facility with monthly rental, or by developing the site and selling the site assets to the client.

We provide all core in-house services necessary to develop sites tailored to our clients’ needs. This translates into faster deployment times than carriers or tower aggregators, increasing speed to market.

In a Build-To-Suit agreement, P&D Antenna can work with RF Engineering personnel to identify site locations for planned coverage areas. We work with appropriate jurisdictions and carriers to ensure the site is placed in the most effective location, avoiding areas with long lead times. Once the primary candidate is selected and approved, P&D can secure necessary lease agreement, performs all necessary due diligence, and develops the site for the client installation. Throughout the process, parallel scheduling with Engineering and Construction speeds deployment timelines.

P&D Antenna has a streamlined collocation process for locating on P&D tower facilities. Template leases are available and ready for review, which can help expedite on-air deadlines.

Tower Leasing

Custom Co-Locations