Field Services

Antenna System Testing

Accurately testing an antennae system, whether existing or new, is the best way to ensure the system will function and perform to its potential. Using the latest technology in the industry, P&D is able to efficiently determine if an antenna system is operating correctly. Test data can be collected, both pre and post repairs, in order for proper documentation of improvements.


P&D has the resources and personnel required to fuel generators and portable emergency equipment in a timely manner. P&D can set up customized scheduled visits to service and maintain backup energy sources.

Microwave Installation

P&D offers a full line of microwave services including path design, material procurement, and implementation.

Plum & Tension

Periodic plum and tensioning of a tower is the best way to ensure that a structure has been installed correctly and will remain safe. P&D has the equipment and knowledge required to perform plum and tension services. Individual site reports can be customized for any structure.


Our on-line site inspection tool makes documenting your tower inspections & site signage easy and efficient. Easy to read reporting helps to quickly identify safety warnings or items of concern.

RF Assessment

There are basic steps that you should take to protect yourself and your organization from the implementation of the telecommunications act of 1996. Born from this act was the ability of enforcing agencies to levy fines and restrict transmission above maximum permissible exposure (MPE). Whether you own and operate your own transmitter or lease real estate to an operator, there are a few things we can do to protect you.

Cranes & Boomtrucks

With over 60 years of experience in the rigging industry, P&D boasts of its impeccable safety record with heavy lifting. The staff at P&D has experience working with some of the largest mobile cranes available and attributes a large portion of its success to guarded trade secrets. P&D has also worked closely with the City of Chicago to make some of the most challenging lifts flawless.

Service Calls & Maintenance Programs

With a 24 hour service call center, P&D can provide the response that is required in today’s communication driven society. Maintenance programs can be tailored to individual needs in order to keep system critical components operational.

Grounding & Lightning Protection

P&D offers an array of grounding and lightening protection that can help protect costly equipment from un-equalized energy potentials. P&D can customize and implement a system specifically designed for an assortment of site conditions.

Overweight & Oversize Hauling

P&D has an exlempory record for transporting overweight, over-long and oversize loads. Following state and federal regulations for transporting such loads, P&D can ensure that your investment will arrive on time and unharmed.

Tower Mappings

P&D’s accurate documentation is important in performing a valid structural analysis. Tower mappings are essential to depict and illustrate existing conditions of a tower. P&D has the experience to collect all data the first time, which means a quicker turnaround.

Site Signage

Most RF assessments may require site signage to remain in compliance with the telecommunications act of 1996. P&D can provide and install customized signage that a customer requires or signage that may be required to stay in compliance.

Emergency Response

P&D has taken an active roll in many emergency response situations. P&D provided assistance to areas in need during the blackout of 2003 and tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. P&D was also quick to respond to stand-by efforts in the Chicago land area during the attacks of 9/11.

Custom Jumpers Fabrication

P&D has a large inventory of specialty connectors and coax required to produce custom RF jumpers in house.

Waste Removal & Recycling

P&D takes pride in keeping sites clean and clear of waste, which provides for a safer work environment. Knowing the importance of recycling, P&D attempts to salvage any reusable materials when possible. Weed spraying regimens are also available to control wild plant growth.

Decommissioning & Site Restoration

Whether it is a network design change or an exhausted lease, P&D can design and implement a decommissioning plan that works specifically for your company.

Site Security and Safety

P&D offers security measures to help prevent unfortunate security and safety risks. Fencing, specialty locks, twenty-four hour surveillance, and camera installation are only a few of the ways to protect valuable equipment and construction personnel.

Lights & Relamping

Lights & Relamping